Immortal of Mr. Gong 2020

Based on Pu Songling’s stories. King Lu longed for the Black Armor of Immortality that belonged to the Gong Clan. Because of this thirst, Gong Rong was the last to survive from his clan and had to take revenge. By coincidence, he met Langqin, Prince Lu’s childhood sweetheart princess, and they were secretly affectionate. A year later, the princess Langqin was forced to marry King Lu and was about to become a princess. At the birthday banquet organized by King Lu for Langqin, a occultist with excellent tricks appeared. Langqin was shocked. It turned out that this person was Gong Rong who had disappeared for a year. The wind is surging, and a bloody storm strikes again

Genre: Movie
Duration: 100 Min

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